Submissions, no not the kind that involve ropes and safe words either!

Okay! Well I finally broke down and did it. It took a very infuriating long time to write the dreaded synopsis, lord I hated doing that. But I did it, pit together my submission package and clicked send. Now I get to sit and obsess over my inbox and wait to see if I get a reply anytime soon, not that I want one too soon. I want them to actually read it, to ingest my story and want more.

I want them to fall in love with my characters, to love Morrigan and Aiden so much they desperately need to hear more about them. Oh yes and to give me a four book contract so they can keep reading my excellent prose,I want them to need my books like they need air, food, and clothing.

I want them to need my books more than an addict needs heroine! I want to make best seller lists over and over, enough that every other writer live will envy and hate me. Enough that Nora herself will call me to ask for advice!!

Okay fantasy over! I just want an honest feedback of my book, and hopefully not a letter telling to not quit my day job! Or telling me to take up the piano!
Okay back to the next book while I wait….wait…wait.. Hey! Is that chocolate!

It’s Nanowrimo time!,

Well, it’s that time of year gain! It’s Nano time!!!
NANOWRIMO or national novel writing month starts officially today, and hundreds of thousands if writers are at this very moment writing their little hearts out!
National novel write month lasts the month of November and every writ sets out to write a very shaky first draft of a novel, or 50000 words by midnight November 30th which averages out to be 1667 words a day.

For many this is a breeze to do, but for those like me that have never met that goal yet its one hell of a start. The three times I’ve been a Nanoer I’ve accomplished over 30,000 words. Which to me is a godsend. Especially when I have to share my laptop with a very hyper eight year old, who loves to watch videos on you tube!

So for now I’m not sure if I’ll join in this time or not, I want to but have a lot of personal issues going on now! But il be there in spirit, unless I decide to jump in head first….only time will tell…

How about you, are you a Nanoer?
Happy writing.

Contests, Votes, and Confusion!

Well, the SYTYCW contest is over and I’d like to thank everyone who vote for me. I really appreciate taking the time to read and vote for me!,
Alas I did not final. Damn! Maybe next contest I’ll do better.
That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t get a call from Harlequin later requesting my incredible manuscript, but I’m not going to hold my breath on it.

So for now ‘m going to polish it up some more and get I ready to send, even if they don’t ask for it. Surely they didn’t read it clearly enough, they probably didn’t even read it!! ( kidding, isn’t that what everyone says!)
Then after that I’m starting something new, I think I may try murder and kill people off for a while….figuratively of course!
Just in case though, if you see my name in the news you never read this!
Happy writing!!
Oh as for the infusion, well that’s me daily anymore!!

It’s Contest Time!!!

Wel, my contest entry is up and running and voting starts on October 2nd on the site. It took me three days to get it up on the site, they had some tech issues. But it’s there and if you’d like to vote for it that would be great!

Here’s the link to my entry!

There are over 450 contest entries up, there are a lot of writers like myself looking to get their foot in Harlequin’s door. Good luck to everyone who entered! I can exhale a little now…

Happy writing, Jody!

Coffee, Writing, and Matthew Mccounaghey!

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I know that’s impossible to have a good monday morning right? I mean after all it is Monday! Well, maybe we can wake up together with  a hot cup of coffee, and some hot pics of a true handsome man, and a damn good actor as well.

But first the writing! I almost have my book ready for the SYTYCW contest through Harlequin, I have to finish up with some filler scenes today, and then polish the hell out if it for submission soon. I have my first chapter and my 100 word pitch ready to go, they have to be in by September 30th then on to online voting for the best 25. After that hose 25 will submit their entire book for judging by everyone online and by the harlequin judges, I’m just hoping I do okay. Either way, I have impressed myself with my production over the last four months for writing an entire book. Goes to show me that I can do it! So wish me luck!

Coffee, on my first cup,winding down towards my second. Ahhh, love my coffee!

Okay now Matthew!

Matthew the health nut!

the ladies of the world thank you for being so fit….

Mat all relaxed

He looks lonely doesn’t he….

Theres that killer smile we all love!

What a killer smile!

And of course last but not least, Mr. Magic Mike himself…

Well there you have it, my Monday Eye Opener.

So back to writing, and to Dare I say it…Monday! Happy writing everyone.

Jody(okay maybe one more peek at that smile before I go….ahhhh!)



More Coffee, More Men, More Writing!

And what’s wrong with more? ….Nothing!

I’ve been ultra busy with writing, back to school, and crazy personal crap right now, so i’ve been neglecting my blog. I apologize, hopefully after this week all will be back to semi normal, i hope!

In the mean time, here’s some more men!





And last but certainly not least…..

matthewWell, theres the men.

You’re on your own for the coffee, and writing. But hey you’ve gotten some nice inspiration there right?

Happy writing! Jody


Coffee, Nearly Naked Men, And Writing!

Got your attention with that one didn’t I?

What part got your attention? Coffee? No, oh then Writing? No oh i see where your mind  is, right next to mine! Nearly naked men! So what nearly naked men am i talking about, well all of them LOL!

I, like a lot of other writers search through pictures for Heroic inspiration for our books. Really it truly is hard work searching through hundreds of images of scantily clad men, all vying for our attention, all of them dying to be our Heroes. Even if they don’t know it!

Here’s my inspiration for Aiden in y current WIP, he’s Scottish and looks sexy as hell in a kilt! And so does Gerard!! I see other authors on my Facebook page post pictures of inspiration all the time, some days Facebook is pretty damn fun. (Come on, you can only look at cute cat and dog pics for so long before you want to see a nearly naked handsome man right?) I thought so.

I’m having tons of fun writing about handsome, Headstrong Aiden, and his even more independent and stubborn counterpart Morrigan, who is a fiery red-head with Irish ancestry. Yeah they fight real good, but their making up is always the best part! LOL

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the writing part. I have finished my 100 word pitch thanks to a sweet friend (Chelle) and my first chapter is polished for the SYTYCW contest. Now I’m beefing up the book (It’s a wee bit short) and adding more scenes to plump her up. (More making up scenes, or maybe more of him in a kilt! Hey, he’s a true scot too, you know what that means!)

And coffee, well I’m on my second cup now, rounding out to my third, hoping the caffeine helps with inspiration, if not then back to Nearly Naked Men. Heh, happy writing everyone, here are some links that you may find useful, first the contest link, then link to a cover models page you might like too. Just be careful to wipe the drool from your screen okay!

So, tell me, who’s your cover inspiration?

Happy writing everyone!

Jody-she who needs to get back to writing and maybe waterproof my laptop too!