About Me….

Hello There!


Well what to say about me, why is it that most of the writers I know are more comfortable writing about people they’ve never met than themselves. Maybe were scared that no one will find us as interesting as our characters, or that were maybe just a little bit introverted and like to live in our owns worlds versus reality.. (Actual reality that is and not the Kardashian’s style of reality! ) So having said that I’m not very good at talking about myself..here goes..

I’ve been writing as long as i can remember, trying to rewrite fairy tales, living in my own alternate reality. In high school I penned my own Soap Opera “The Stomach Churns” (fitting huh!) complete with nuns whose split personality is a hooker, glamorous movie stars and the yes men who kissed their asses, and of course everyone cheated on everyone else. It was fun! lol

I write romance, I’ve written Historical and short contemporary category romance. I’ve yet to be published and have had remarks that run the gamut from :

  • good description
  • not interested, but keep trying
  • we really don’t like that at all…period!
  • have you ever though about taking up the piano???

Okay that last one was just for fun, but I’m waiting on that one! lol But I’m still plugging along , and eventually i will hit the right editor at the right time…i hope!

Well I skipped the editor, and self published. and so far the reviews have been good! Life is good, and I couldn’t be happier!

So welcome to my blog, sit back and daydream with me.




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