My first Signing…

I set up my first signing last week, its a small signing and I’m pretty excited about it. Of course I’m nervous as hell too. I mean what if no one but my family shows up, what if i don’t sell any books, what if I’m a stuttering fool who gets so incredibly tongue tied that i can’t speak.

I know, relax. Chill and it will all be good. I’ve dreamt of my first ever signing, and how magnificent it would be. people lined up out the front door waiting with baited breath to get my book, my autograph etc. Yeah I know, i day dream a lot. Most writers do.

My signing is at a very charming independent book store in Hurricane, WV.

Books and Brews I’m happy that they let a noobie schedule a signing, i just hope some of their regulars like romance, because that’s what I’m bringing.

I hope to see some friendly faces there, and at least sell a couple books!

Until then, Happy reading!

Jody ( She who is a bit nervous…)imagesCA0MA9E4



11 thoughts on “My first Signing…

  1. grantleishman says:

    Every author’s dream. I know I dream of doing a book signing at the National Book Store here in Manila and yeah, I picture them all clamouring to grab their copy before they run out. As they say; “if you don’t dream big…….big dreams can’t come true.” Have a wonderful signing and many more to follow.

  2. Donna (@Girl_Who_Reads) says:

    Congratulations! Make sure you do some local publicity before the event. Is there a flyer or something posted at the bookstore announcing your signging? Is there a community events calendar in the local newspaper that you can have your event listed on? Any local radio stations?

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