Stop the ride, I wanna throw up!

Okay, since my last post I’ve written my newest book. Completed it in Nano, and won. A first for me and to say that I was proud of myself is an understatement. I was fucking tickled! (Excuse the language.)

So Ella and Nick’s story is done, except for a final sweep to make it all shiny and wonderful. Now i just have a few things to take care of before i share it with the world.

  • Contact cover designer and have cover created
  • obtain ISBN for eBook and paperback
  • copyright said book
  • format book for amazon
  • upload book to amazon to obtain pre-order links, or not, still debating on that one..
  • drink bottle of wine
  • schedule several blog posts, hops to get the word out
  • prepare coming soon teaser for my page
  • share my page and get more fans to my page
  • oh yeah back cover blurb needs written
  • select teaser quotes for my page and blog
  • breathe
  • update amazon author page
  • set up email list
  • update and hit publish
  • drink some more
  • scream like a mad woman when my book goes live on release date
  • celebrate with good food…and oh yeah wine.
  • pass out, and pray that the reviews are good and that no one hates it.
  • drink some more.

After that its back to a less hectic schedule, and plotting the next book in my fairy tale series… I’m thinking big bad wolf…..a sexy wolfe!

So now back to the ride, and maybe a lot of tums! I’m getting dizzy but I’m loving it!






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