Lets do this!

Tomorrow is July 1st, and a big day for a lot of us.


Yes its the opening day of Magic Mike XXL…… woohoo (Waving singles over my head!)

Okay so that’s not the reason for this post, but its a good way to open right? Yes i eager to see incredibly handsome men strip for my pleasures, what red-blooded girl wouldn’t be??

But im talking about CampNanowrimo, which starts at midnight to nite and last through the end of the month. a mad dash that writers spend hooked to their laptops and write like the wind, and hope the breeze blows in their favor. Writers who join Camp attempt to write 50,000 words in thirty days, which breaks down to a little over 1600 words a day.

The last time I attempted this I was working and had a hard time writing when i got off work, or on my days off when i just wanted to sleep and spend time with my son. This time I’m taking time off, and writing like crazy. In between sleep, food, and playing the new Mortal Kombat on the Xbox One with said goofy boy. I have high hopes of finishing a rough first draft of the novella I’m working on. Actually i could go see Magic Mike XXL and do this, well purely for research right! lol

I’ve been doing research on my characters, and these are my inspiration thus far.



So we have the uber Yummy Karl Urban as my hero…nice! and the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert as my heroine. i think they make a good couple….

Secondary characters I’m still working on…. except for this character who doesn’t speak but is heard loud and clear..

christianlouboutin-indera3karen’t they dreamy…i could never afford them, or for that matter walk in them without breaking an ankle, but a girl can dream right! Yes they are Louboutin, and they are about 3500.00  if you’re going to dream, dream big right!

okay so these are my players and tonight the story begins!

Lets do this shit!

Jody..aka the klutz Louboutin would hate to see coming, lol


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