Going indie !?

No im not talking about Indy…You know Dr. Jones…

indyballAlthough there are days that damnball is back there, just waiting for me to make the wrong move…..
Ive been living a hectic life the last year, going through a divorce and trying to keep my life and my son’s life on an even keel. My writing has been abandoned for most of that year, but now im back and i feel pretty well settled….although life has still been throwing hellacious curve balls my way of late, and im getting pretty tired of that.
Karma, mother nature, whatever you want to call her, she can rest her fucking pitching arm for a while. Id like plain old normal life, without ducking fast balls for a while….Please!

Since im trying to get back into the swing of things here ive been contemplating doing nano, to get my ass productive again. Its worked for me before and im hoping to repeat that success.
Also i have a good friend who pulled her books from a major publishing house and is now self pubbing her books iwth great success. the publisher changed royalty payouts, killing a major chunk of her income, i would have done the same thing.
So im asking your input, do you read indie book?
whose your favorite author writing indie

givie it to me, whats your thoughts on the idie publishing craze today compared to ten years ago? i know my opinion has greatly changed since then.
Okay back to householdchores and daydreaming!
Love and kisses!


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