And Boom Goes The Dynamite!!

Like most writers I’m often asked where do my ideas come from? Well its not a simple answer for me, because inspiration can come from anywhere. And I do mean anywhere!

For me ideas can come from anywhere at anytime, whether convenient or not! And when these ideas come at you it can drive you bonkers, especially if you don’t write them down soon. Because like a lot of ideas I’ve had before, if not captured soon they tend to gnaw off their own legs and get the shit out of dodge!

I’ve gotten ideas from songs before, and are still a great source of inspiration.
I once had an art teacher that gave us an assignment, it was to turn on the radio at home and draw whatever that song inspired. A very cool assignment by the way, thanks Mr. Seplocha! My song was a done me wrong song. So my picture had two dead bodies lying across a bed, with a woman in the forefront holding a smoking gun! Loved it!

Don’t like the way a book ended, write how you’d end it. (of course I don’t men for you to plagiarize someone else’s work either,) write your own story and see how you’d end it.

There are a lot of stories on the news that can spark ideas, also on reality shows and entertainment news that will inspire you as well. Even soap operas can inspire you, in high school I wrote my own soap opera called “As the stomach churns” it wasn’t great but it sure was fun to write.

A picture really can be worth a thousand words, and more. Think of an iconic picture that you saw that made you wonder about what lead up to that moment and what happened after that moment. There’s a story behind every picture, look at some of your pictures and think about what lead up to that moment, what if you’d done something different? Write from that point on!

Turnabout is fair play, take a movie you like and write something about it but from a different point of view! Write from the villains POV, or change the plot completely or the major players? For instance what about instead of the three musketeers, and then becoming four with the arrival of D’artangan. Why not a fifth musketeer, why not a female musketeer? What would be her societal dos and dont’s in that time period?

Ideas can come from anywhere at all so be prepared when they do!
Keep pen and paper handy to jot down ideas.
Cut out pictures that look intriguing.
Listen to all different types of music, and see what they inspire.
It’s the digital age of course there are many apps that let you jot down notes, capture images, websites and any information or inspiration. Like Evernote..a personal favorite of mine.

That’s all for now!
Next, the little sparks that turned into the biggest books.
Until then..happy writing
P.S. still no word on the partial I have out, it’s been a month so hopefully it won’t be much longer. Fingers crossed!


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