It’s Nanowrimo time!,

Well, it’s that time of year gain! It’s Nano time!!!
NANOWRIMO or national novel writing month starts officially today, and hundreds of thousands if writers are at this very moment writing their little hearts out!
National novel write month lasts the month of November and every writ sets out to write a very shaky first draft of a novel, or 50000 words by midnight November 30th which averages out to be 1667 words a day.

For many this is a breeze to do, but for those like me that have never met that goal yet its one hell of a start. The three times I’ve been a Nanoer I’ve accomplished over 30,000 words. Which to me is a godsend. Especially when I have to share my laptop with a very hyper eight year old, who loves to watch videos on you tube!

So for now I’m not sure if I’ll join in this time or not, I want to but have a lot of personal issues going on now! But il be there in spirit, unless I decide to jump in head first….only time will tell…

How about you, are you a Nanoer?
Happy writing.


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