Coffee, Writing, and Matthew Mccounaghey!

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I know that’s impossible to have a good monday morning right? I mean after all it is Monday! Well, maybe we can wake up together with  a hot cup of coffee, and some hot pics of a true handsome man, and a damn good actor as well.

But first the writing! I almost have my book ready for the SYTYCW contest through Harlequin, I have to finish up with some filler scenes today, and then polish the hell out if it for submission soon. I have my first chapter and my 100 word pitch ready to go, they have to be in by September 30th then on to online voting for the best 25. After that hose 25 will submit their entire book for judging by everyone online and by the harlequin judges, I’m just hoping I do okay. Either way, I have impressed myself with my production over the last four months for writing an entire book. Goes to show me that I can do it! So wish me luck!

Coffee, on my first cup,winding down towards my second. Ahhh, love my coffee!

Okay now Matthew!

Matthew the health nut!

the ladies of the world thank you for being so fit….

Mat all relaxed

He looks lonely doesn’t he….

Theres that killer smile we all love!

What a killer smile!

And of course last but not least, Mr. Magic Mike himself…

Well there you have it, my Monday Eye Opener.

So back to writing, and to Dare I say it…Monday! Happy writing everyone.

Jody(okay maybe one more peek at that smile before I go….ahhhh!)




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