Coffee, Nearly Naked Men, And Writing!

Got your attention with that one didn’t I?

What part got your attention? Coffee? No, oh then Writing? No oh i see where your mind  is, right next to mine! Nearly naked men! So what nearly naked men am i talking about, well all of them LOL!

I, like a lot of other writers search through pictures for Heroic inspiration for our books. Really it truly is hard work searching through hundreds of images of scantily clad men, all vying for our attention, all of them dying to be our Heroes. Even if they don’t know it!

Here’s my inspiration for Aiden in y current WIP, he’s Scottish and looks sexy as hell in a kilt! And so does Gerard!! I see other authors on my Facebook page post pictures of inspiration all the time, some days Facebook is pretty damn fun. (Come on, you can only look at cute cat and dog pics for so long before you want to see a nearly naked handsome man right?) I thought so.

I’m having tons of fun writing about handsome, Headstrong Aiden, and his even more independent and stubborn counterpart Morrigan, who is a fiery red-head with Irish ancestry. Yeah they fight real good, but their making up is always the best part! LOL

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the writing part. I have finished my 100 word pitch thanks to a sweet friend (Chelle) and my first chapter is polished for the SYTYCW contest. Now I’m beefing up the book (It’s a wee bit short) and adding more scenes to plump her up. (More making up scenes, or maybe more of him in a kilt! Hey, he’s a true scot too, you know what that means!)

And coffee, well I’m on my second cup now, rounding out to my third, hoping the caffeine helps with inspiration, if not then back to Nearly Naked Men. Heh, happy writing everyone, here are some links that you may find useful, first the contest link, then link to a cover models page you might like too. Just be careful to wipe the drool from your screen okay!

So, tell me, who’s your cover inspiration?

Happy writing everyone!

Jody-she who needs to get back to writing and maybe waterproof my laptop too!


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Nearly Naked Men, And Writing!

  1. Leah Bevan says:

    I love Gerard! In my new creative writing project my first challenge is to write a romance short story so I’m trying to find my inspiration. And if anyone says I’m just looking at handsome men I can say that I got the idea from you! I’m looking for a man you could carry off sensitive, soulful, possibly musical and seem a bit hopeless and slightly lazy. More pretty than rugged. I was thinking along the lines of Joseph Fiennes but not him. I’m struggling.

    At some point I’m using Michael Sheen as the inspiration for a character: and David Thewlis:

    Now I’m getting very distracted…

    • jodylynnallen says:

      It’s very easy to get distracted by our uh research, yeah that’s it! But it sure is fun! Happy Writing. Jody

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