Contests, Pitches, and Killer Books!

Good monday morning everyone! (Is that possible?) Yes it is as long as you wake up and give your best every day, okay mary sunshine will shut up now! ( I NEED MORE COFFEE !!)

First- Contests!

I’m working diligently on my contest submission for the “So You Think You Can Write!” contest (SYTYCW) I must have my first chapter submitted by September 30th. So I have time to make it as brilliant as I’m hoping it will be. (Well I’m just hoping that it doesn’t suck, okay!) I have it printed and keep it in my bag so I can read and re-read it every possible chance to see what sounds good, and what sounds like complete horse-shit!

Pitches !

I also have to write a 100 word pitch, what some call the elevator pitch to send it with this first chapter. It’s supposed to read like the back cover blurb for your book. That’s a lot of info to condense into 100 words, so I have to work on that! Once those are submitted its back to polishing up the rest of the book, after all if they do like it I’ll have to submit the entire manuscript for Harlequin’s read through! And if they don’t they’re gonna see it anyway later once I complete it and write a complete synopsis (UGh I’ll complain about those more later!)

Killer Books !

I have a writer friend who write’s killer books-Litterally. Erica Spindler writes murder mysteries, that are incredible and very hard to put down. Her latest is available right now, and I highly recommend that you read it and get hooked like I did! Here’s the blurb for her novella!

One killer: A psychopath who flies under the radar, moving from city to city,
preying on the lost and forgotten.

Three investigators: Detective Stacy
Killian from the New Orleans P.D., Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson,
and FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell–who witnessed some of the worst. And brought
down some of the best.

Will this one slip through their grasps, as he has
slipped through grasps of so many, for so long?

Sounds good huh, here’s the link


Well, that’s all for now! I’m off to my mom’s to help with my grandmother, then to school to pick up my littleman! Tomorrow, is writing day, and I’m going to work my butt off on my book!

Happy writing to you! and May the caffeine be with you!



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