First day of school, Stray dogs, and Eric Idle !

Heck of a combination there huh? Okay so i have a lot of things on my plate right now and I’m feeling like either screaming at the top of my lungs or getting plastered!

First of all we just go back from the beach saturday, which was very nice except the fact that it rained half the time we were there. real fun! Today was littleman’s first day of school for this entry into third grade, and he was a little nervous. Can’t say that i blame him, i was nervous the first day of school every year i was in school. Also on the first day of every job I’ve ever had too. (I’m soooo much better with the people in my head than dealing with others! If only i could stay there forever!)

There’s been a stray dog someone has dumped in the neighborhood. I say dumped because she’s been lying on our front porch since then and no one has come looking for her at all. (Bastards!) So now i have to find a no kill shelter that will take her because we can’t keep her here, it’s not my house and we already have a fat angry cat! So that’s on my plate today!

Watched most of the closing ceremony for the olympics. What did you think? Well i liked the music, especially Annie Lennox, and Fat Boy Slim. They both rock! Some of the other stuff was weird, but cool. And of course i loved Eric Idle, I’m a Monty Python Fan from way back.  What was your favorite part??? I didn’t like that girl Jessi singing Queen, didn’t work for me at all, or that guy rapping to the BeeGees, somethings are better left alone!

And last, unfortunately is my writing. Didn’t write at all last week at the beach, so now i have to get off my arse! I need to finish this manuscript , give it a good once over and get it ready for a contest. Wish me luck, my mind is in overdrive and may explode!

Happy writing!


P.S. As Eric sang “Always Look On The Brighter Side of Life” (Insert whistle here!)


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