RITA versus the Olympics!

Well as you all know the olympics are in full swing as evident from all the tv coverage and the number one spot trending on Twitter is the Olympics. So what could take the number one spot from the largest athletic competition? A little statue called the RITA ! For those of you who don’t know what the RITA is, here she is!

She's a lovely lady!

So what is the RITA? The Romance Writer’s of America give out writing awards every summer, it’s the equivalent of the Emmy’s but just for romance writers.

Since i couldn’t attend Nationals this year, the conference that concludes with the Rita and Golden Heart ceremonies. A ceremony that all us romance writers highly look forward to. The RITA is for published authors, and the Golden Heart is for unpublished that can lead to publication. So many of us couldn’t attend the conference on Anaheim California this year so we all watched, breathlessly on twitter for the live feed from those there! We watched with bated breath for every category, cheering for those who won, especially of we knew them.

What was cool was that face that there were so many of us tweeting about it the RITA passed up the olympics in the trending categories, we were all excited about that. So for a couple of hours there were more of us talking about books and the RITA/Golden Heart than there were over the Olympics. Not to take from the Olympics itself, which i wish team USA all the best, bring home the gold everyone! But it’s nice to see Romance Writers get the recognition they deserve.

As for the awards a good friend of mine won for best inspirational romance Serena Miller won for her book titled “The Measure of Katie Calloway” ( i sure hope that’s spelled right) Shes a great writer, and a wonderful person who deserves it.  Love ya Serena! Find her website here http://serenabmiller.com/

I’m still plugging on the book, im almost at 37,ooo words, i would have been further last night but you know, the tweet thing got in the way!

Happy writing everyone, and to all of those who won and who were nominated. Congratulations, You’re all winners in my book!



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