Progress! More or less!

Well, yes I am making headway on my current book. Cookie is plugging along quite nicely right now, in the last two days I’ve written over five thousand words. Which is very good for me, considering that for a while I’d mostly stare at the screen hoping the words would come. What happened to spur this creativity, well i got out of the house!

I’d been here with my son while he played his games I would attempt to write, but was getting nowhere. So we went to my mother’s had lunch, talked laughed about everything and anything but this book! I think that was what I needed, to refuel so to speak. After all

“All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy!”

Sorry, couldn’t help a Stephen King reference there too.  Love me some  king. So after talking to mom for a while, having pizza and a lot of fun I came back and hopped on the computer that night and wrote until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. Must remember to do that the next time I’m stuck in the “My head is foggy” swamp of doom.

So right now im at a little over 35,000 words for my book and plugging along, hoping to have a rough draft to print and read through soon. That would give me something to read at the beach in two weeks huh!

Well, back to it, I will never get published unless I finish the damned book right!

So here I go!

Happy writing!

Jody ( She who thins she rocks right now!)


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