Writing through the fog!

Sorry I havent posted in a bit, but I’ve had an interesting month to say the least. But you don’t want to hear about that do you, cause I’m tired of talking about it. Ugh!

Anyway I’m still trying to get past the 30,000 mark on my book. I still have about a thousand words to go till I get there. I’ve been sitting down to write but not much is happening right now, i guess my mind is having a hard time getting into writing mode. And the few times I’ve been in the mode my son has the laptop hostage while he plays Minecraft! I so need to get another laptop or an ipad with Scrivener on it!

I’ve been using Scrivener for about a month now, and I like it. I love the corkboard app, which replaces the corkboard over my desk loaded with color coded index cards for POV scenes in my book. Now there in the app, and I can rearrange them as much as I need to. That’s cool, and it has a project tracker that keeps up with my word count. Now I don’t have to download one, so that’s cool.

So I’m going to aim for 2K every day until I finish my book, I havent done that for about a week but I’m trying. So what about you what do you do when the well is dried up, or looks like you have to dig to china to find the words?? Any good suggestions, I could use them right now! Maybe a bottle of wine will kick my brain in gear? Hey, it’s worth a shot huh!

Happy writing Everyone.



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