Still pluggin along!

Well camp was over at the end of June, and its almost July fourth! Time for firewirks, well maybe not around here since soo many are still without power and our electric crews are working furiously to get power back to those sweltering in this heat. A well deserved thank yo goes out to all the crews areound here, and those coming from other crews to help! Thank You!

Well the storm is over, we had power the next day. Of course you couldn’t get gas, bread, or ice especially anywhere in town, were such a techn-dependent culture that it would be easy to freak us out really good, take our power and we’d be screwed. Our computers wouldnt work, and  most everything is ran by computers. A good thing and  a bad thing. But i digress, its jsut goes to show you how much you rely on these things when they’re yanked out from under you.

So I’m back to plunking away on my book, I’m about half way there at 25K. Didn’t make my nano goal, but i’m very proud of what i accomplished in that month. Now i’m going to finish up and send it to a couple readers with a dreaded red pen, and see if my baby comesw back with chicke Then after that its polish, polish, polish for the SYTYCW contest through harlequin.

There prize is a contract, so yup it will be a good contest to enter with some stiff competition im sure. But i’m going to enter and pary for the best.. And in November i’m going to plug away at Nano again, i hope! I’ll let you know the night before it starts, lol. YOu never know whats going to happe in my life right now.

Well i’d better get back to Morrigan and Aiden before they get into too  much naugtiness without  me, if they’d only take notes i wouldnt have to worry about it! lol.

So what are you doing this summer??? writing, working, relaxing?

Give me  a shout and let me know!

Happy writing. Jody (Who really wants to be drinking a wine cooler on the beach right now, under a shady umbrella with beach side drink


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