Home from Camp!

i need caffeine!

Send more coffee !!

Camp Nanowrimo officially came to an end tonight at midnight. The goal of camp was to complete a 50,000 word novel. I finished in at 24,706 right at midnight. I tried very hard all month to finish my 50k, but it wasnt meant to be this time. Camp will be starting again in August, i’m not sure if i will do it again that soon or not. If not then i surely will in November for regular Nanowrimo.

I had a lot of fun writing like crazy this month, plotted out all the scenes in my book and have written over half of them. But regardless of whether i finished or not i relly enjoyed it. I will be finishing this book, polishing it like crazy for another contest in September.

September will be the “So You Think You Can Write” contest through Harlequin.  The winner of this contest is offered a publishing contract through Harlequin, and even some runner ups had full manuscripts requested as well. So i think this would defenitley be worth my time and effort. Let’s just hope that the editors feel the same way, keep your fingers crossed.

Happy writing!



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