Writing, The ER and an eight year old!

Well heres my update, finally reached 11,000 on campnanowrimo. Then i hit a wall, or actually it felt like the wall hit me in the chest. I was having bad chest and stomach pain sunday, hubby took me to ER and within twenty minutes id had a chest x-ray, ekg, bloodwork and more. They sure are fast when you mention heart attack, thats for use. Then they ruled out a heart attack, and did more tests, more x-rays and finally an ultrasound. My galbladder looked like a sack full of marbles, fun fun. So needless to say i’m going to have pain when i eat certain foods until i have surgery to have ti removed.

The last couple days i’ve felt like someone punched me in the stomach, and i can’t eat fatty foods, fried food, and certain veggies that will light me up. It will be fun im sure. I go to my doctor this tuesday, and will see if she wants to schedule me for surgurey anytime soon. Me id rather get it over with.

So my writing has been on hold for several days, and then i downloaded minecraft on my laptop for my 8 yr old son. Big mistake, i may never get my laptop back, i think i need to get another computer. Just got to scare up the money for that somewhere, don’t know where.

anyway, thats my update, not im off to write. Well at least until littleman gets home from brunch with mawmaw.

Happy writing yall

wish me good vibes, i could use them!



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