Camp Update

Well camp is going good, not great yet but im getting there. I have passed the 10,000 word mark, which I’m excited about. I have my scene cards mapped out as i go, then write my chapters. I’m sure ill have a ton of revision later but right now im enjoying that fact that my fingers are floating across the keyboard pretty well. I haven’t rally done that for a while.

I keep thinking to myself, hey i may actually finish this one and send it out! The last one i never sent out, figuring there were so many mistakes that I would get rejected anyway. I need to be more positive about my writing, but hey im human I have a lot of doubts. But right now I’m enjoying it, its fun making people do what i want them to. In my home right now they are the only ones listening..It’s a nice change.

I don’t know if I’ll get my 5oK finished by months end, but im sure as hell gonna give it a damned good try! How about you, doing camp, or just working on your own project?? hows it going? Let me know, its nice to hear from like-minded souls who are on the journey too.

Well, back to it. I think i may need more coffee, and chocolate! Yeah that’s it!

Happy writing



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