Camp Nanowrimo

it’s craft time campers!

It’s camp time, I’ve packed my bug spray, bathing suit, sunburn cream, snake a way and bear rifle…..wait tell me again why I wanted to go to camp??

Okay, so well skip the bugs, snakes and bears Oh My! I’m going to CampNanowrimo, yup the fine folks that bring you national novel writing month in November have set up camp for June!
So I signed up and I’m going to power write as much as I can this month, I have most of it plotted out, okay well about a third maybe. But I’m gonna try my damnedest to get a major chunk of Morrigans book done! Whose with me? Anyone else want to rent a cabin and write their asses off?? I’ll bring the s’mores! You bring the wine!!


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