“My mind is betraying me!”

Let me clarify.. This is not a post about Charlie Sheen, his mind isn’t betraying him…it’s already left.

Mine is a war on ideas.. I need to get writing again, The last year has taken a major toll on my sanity and my writing has gone south. Maybe it got cold??? Anyway I need to get writing again and I’m not sure what to dO..Should I start a new idea, start fresh and create from the ground up?? Or should I take one of the many partials I have and tweak the hell out of one of them and send it off, or still yet I could look through the many notebooks full of ideas I have and figure out which one of them looks promising.

My darling hubby is voting for the first thing of mine he read, a historical that was so boring it put the contest judges to sleep, and another judge said my hero was a jerk..( i still want to slap her! has she ever heard of making them imperfect so they can grow and change??)

And then there’s the mistake I made by watching the “Three Musketeers” with aforementioned Adonis god Charlie Sheen, and now I want to go back to another historical idea that movie inspired when it first came out???

Ahhhhh, whats an add addled writer to do?? any suggestions. I can only stare at the computer screen for so long before someone comes to haul me away to the happy farm…..maybe charlie and I can share a room, he’d be great fun I’m sure…NOT!


2 thoughts on ““My mind is betraying me!”

  1. Your Mom says:

    Hi Honey its me! In Under The Tuscan Sun she was a writer and she reviewed books. She told this one man who had writers block like you do to pick one story and redo it and finish it. To just work with it and he became published.
    Life has been tough for you this past year but it will get better pick the one you really like and go with it make her a sweet loving daughter who has needs just like any other woman and go with it. It is in you I know it is. Love You

    • jodylynnallen says:

      yeah i think im going to revise the latest one ive written, you know the one in the purple binder you havent finished reading yet..hint..hint!
      thanks a bunch, love you too!

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