Happy “Eat yourself to death with chocolate day!”

Yes, im a bit of a Cynic here, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Chocolates, cards, jewelry..all that mushy stuff is nice, but it doesn’t really matter. Just remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you, and you’re better off. But not just one day a year, every day let them know that they are loved and that they are so very special. you never know what life has to offer you day-to-day, make every one count.

Okay, preaching over…for now!

As for my last post, I will be brutally honest and tell you that i didn’t get a single word written for NANO. I thought about it some, but all the crap rattling around in my mind would push it to the side like a pit bull getting to a fresh t-bone. So no progress there.

My life is slowly getting back to normal, more or less. Everyone is happy and healthy, we just have to get out of the winter-time rut of being blech…… anyone else been this way. I so can’t wait for spring.

I’m going to attempt to start posting every week, my mind and the powers to be willing that is.. I’m hoping the more i post about my writing, and attempt to take it seriously that i will get more writing done. I do have a book idea in the works, have pages of notes and research saved in OneNote and hope to start banging away at that idea soon, we’ll see how that goes.

I feel so proud every weekend when I work with the young men and women at the bookstore, all of whom have solid plans for their lives and are working very hard to get there. I couldn’t feel prouder of them if they were my own, you guys rock!

My son is doing great in school, soaking up knowledge like an adorable little sponge. Who by the way thinks he’s old enough at six to tell me what to do. I love him to pieces, he and his father keep my life full of laughter.

Well enough chatter, happy valentines day everyone..don’t eat too much chocolate!



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