Do most writers have ADD or is it just me???

"Oh Dear!"

I just figure that’s the brain of a writer, twisting ideas to fit whatever story were working on now to fit our desired genre. But after I started reading up on ADD/ADHD after realizing that my son is struggling with his school work im not so sure anymore. Several of the symptoms were him in a nutshell, but the scary thing is that they were me too…

Hmm, so I could have ADD?? My son could, but then again he is only six years old and boys that age would rather be outside playing instead of doing worksheets right…

It fits me though, almost three-fourths of the way into a book, when the conflicts are getting more serious, and the resolution seems impossible…well this is when my brain decides it would be easier to start something new. Something pretty and shiny would be more fun that the dull thing I need to spruce up…

Is anyone else like this???

So if this is ADD then I know a ton of people who have this, but then again we live in an age where we need to do so much more with our days to catch up with everyone else. Between family, work, writing, blogging, tweeting, Facebook, oh and piddly things like, laundry, paying the bills, cooking, housework and helping little man with his homework… I think we all have ADD.

No prescription necessary right!

So what about you? Do you feel you have add tendencies too, or do you think we just need to slow down and enjoy our days instead of rushing around like chicken with its head cut off and still trying to tweet??

Let me know what you think? I’m back to work on my book, hopefully. I feel thankful that I finished this post…

happy writing..jody

“Is that a squirrel??”


2 thoughts on “Do most writers have ADD or is it just me???

  1. typewriteramblings says:

    I don’t think thats ADD. I know exactly what you mean though,
    but to be honest I’ve never been sure whether to believe it is even a ‘real’ thing
    or just some kind of hodge-podge cooked up to fit the attention spans of how people are today, due to so many shiny and fun things around to distract and deflect the sun from a watch face whilst chasing a fly in the motion of a figure of eight.
    Was there ADD in the 50’s?
    and anyway…

    ….ooh ice cream van

    • jodylynnallen says:

      I agree, i think alot of the so-called ADD drugs serve only one purpose. To make the drug compnaies more money. They’re kids, they’re gonna be hyper. Deal with it, our parents did!
      But as for me, my mind wants to do too much stuff at once, till the smoke starts rolling out my ears…..

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