Critic muzzled..for now! Let’s write!


Well, I did it I finally muzzled that damned voice inside my head for a while, so now I can actually listen to my characters and write. So far I’ve written what was supposed to be chapter one, but then decided that it would best be written as the prologue. But hey ill take the pages that I got, a full chapter of back story works for me…

I’ve got a good clear picture of the heroine, feisty and very independent. A clear picture of her money-grubbing wench of an Aunt, and her dead husband ( reason for the prologue…) Now its just a matter of the hero, I’m thinking rugged, handsome and independent like Hugh Jackman in Australia. Not bad.

Oh and there the villain, well actually a town full of snobby bitties, and semi-villains to add to the major bad-guy so he’s still a cloud for now. But hey, there coming to me slowly but surely, as long as I keep my pen and paper with me I can create. and soon will start taking laptop to work so I can write on my lunch hour. That should help productivity along some, what I wouldn’t give for a good mini or netbook. Would be easier to tote to work in my purse.

Oh well, I will get there. I promised, you guys hold me to it…

happy writing.



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