Murder 101- or how to kill the inner critic?

Okay so the title is a bit misleading, I have no clue how to kill my inner critic, but every now and then I’m lucky enough that he takes a long ass nap, or runs to Bermuda for the weekend and i can get some work done. Case-in-point: the last month or so i have been wanting to start a new project, and havent been able to make up my mind as to what I should be writing?




You name it and I have an idea for it, I watch a movie then BAM a new idea appears. I read a book and BAM another idea. I have no shortage of ideas, it’s just picking one to start on and more hopefully finish. I have a big problem finishing stories I start. Mainly because I have so much doubt about my writing that I stop think its the most horrible drivel ever penned.  (And honestly some times its pretty smelly…) So I let the ideas sit and ferment in my mind a while and have one that is mostly half there, or half way plotted right now. So I think that’s the one that I will start. And I’m make a vow, here and now that I will finish it, edit and send that baby out the door before I start another one. If not then you can call me names, and think me a fool. (trust me it wont be the first time….)

So this is where I am now, and I will update you on my progress as I go. It may be slow process at first with a husband off work with a broken ankle I wont be getting much done for a bit yet.

But I will carry on, carry over, carry under and carry through…as long as I don’t harry carry were okay!

happy writing all

Jody  (P.S. if you have any creative ways of killing the critic let me know please….)


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