And the Winners Are??

Nope, not talking about the academy awards but the winners in my book. I said that I was going to post about my plot cards, but I jumped ahead of myself. Can’t do the plot until I know the actors in my book. (Or as I see it, a movie that plays only for me!)

So I’m in the development stage of my characters, and have about half of them figured out. The female lead is usually the first for me that materializes early. When I got the idea, I immediately saw her and had her motivations very early on. It’s a book about a sister’s relationship, differences and the fact that family is …well family! So she was pretty easy to get, and so was her sister who is the polar opposite of her.

Next I saw key friends pop into my head right and left, so they’re starting to come alive now. And I have a vague picture of the hero in this book. So I have to nail him down before I can start, since the main scenes at the beginning of the book are in both their viewpoints. I have minor setting ideas, and am compiling everything I can think of in to a neat and tidy notebook so I wont forget and call her the wrong name, or make her do something totally off-key for her. Like let a man tell her what to do. ( okay so she’s stubborn, and hot-tempered)  but hey who isn’t???

So I have my poster board plastered over my desk, next to the board that will hold my plot cards ( i love those!). And ow i am scouring the net and magazines for pics that capture the essence of my actors and their personalities. Sounds easy huh, but finding the perfect pic isn’t, even if its something simple like a pic of Hugh Jackman. There are thousands, but it has to be the right pic!

Okay so hugh isn’t my hero, but he will be tall, dark, handsome, and of course a hero. So here’s to finding him, soon.

Oh, i also have to find a pic of the jerk in the book, that screws everyone’s life up for them. hmm, make take some time for that one huh!

What about you, do you find inspiration for your characters? or do you just roll with the pics you have in your mind and not worry about it? Me I like a visual reference to go by, it helps me stay in their head when im writing.

so there you have it, that’s where I’m at right now. I hope to be moved on to my plot cards soon.

happy writing



One thought on “And the Winners Are??

  1. Mary Ann Daniels says:

    Hey Jody sounds like your getting there. I do have an idea for the Jerk. Tall lean a cool glass of water waiting to be drank. Dark hair great grin and smokes a pipe. Who turns out to be a womanizer,user and total —–. You can get rid of him with a seizure than a stroke and he wants to make amends to everyone he has ever hurt. But it is just to late foe him because his time has come. How’s that?

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