“This is How I roll!”

I thought I’d go through the process i have for writing a book, and you can follow, comment, call me insane or just have a damned good laugh at said process. Whatever you want to do. So let’s get started..

First i decide that my last book has too many holes to work on right now and decide to start a new book, but i need a great idea……………………………………..uh nothing yet………………………still nothing. So I look through my many notebooks of ideas for stories, characters, etc and nothing jumps out at me, except the dust bunnies in my office. yuck.

A week later and still no idea, so I decide to rearrange my office, hey a clean office will inspire more right? It could work. Half way through the process of completely rearranging my desk, and with piles of crap everywhere and idea hits. My mind works in strange and often inconvenient ways huh. So I race to find my notepad, and ten minutes later ai start scribbling down my notes, not too bad. Then I go back t cleaning and hope my  mind works on the people in my books so they aren’t named hero and heroine half way through the book.

Well my office is almost rearranged, less stuff everywhere. Box of books to take to library sitting in floor, to which I keep tripping over. I finally get the heroine down, and her sister too since this is a sister book (more or less) but have no clue to the hero yet.

watching tv with hubby and finally see my hero on one of his favorite old shows, so i have him. Now i have to have supporting characters and the one main asshole in the book as well.

So now my office is almost done, i still have things that have to be sorted and filed, and put away so i;ll have a clean writing space. My cork board is clear and ready for Plot cards (Thank you Holly Lisle!), i have a case of paper ready to be used. God i hope i don’t need that much, but we’ll see.

Now I sit and wait for the rest of the people to show up while i work on scene cards. so next week we’ll talk Scene cards!

wahoo, were on the way and I’m praying that nothing is on the track waiting to derail me this time.

Fingers crossed..(It’s hard to type that way too!)


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