Revision Hell ! What do you do when your muse wants to write something new instead??

I’m at a crossroads in my writing, my first draft is finished and saved on my laptop, and backed up on my memory stick. (Been there once, don’t plan on losing a whole story again!)

I’ve landed a critique partner and am starting to send chapters to her for her review, and am doing the same for her. But i must admit I’m jealous, her writing is ahead of mine so her revisions will be smaller and easier to manage.  Me, well since I’d been out of writing for several years after having my darling little boy, well my writing is a little rusty and in need of some WD40, or something of that nature.

So I’m into revision stage now, trying to repair whats wrong with my book and keep the good. (Yeah there is some good in there too I’m told!) Also while trying to maintain the feel of my story and get my point of view across. to let my voice shine, which I’m told is a smartass, but hey I can live with that.

so my problem is this, i need to revise this book and see if its manageable. But my brain doesnt want to do any of it. My muse is wanting to write one of the many other ideas I have floating in my head, it is not disciplined at all.

so im asking for suggestions, anyone have any ideas as to how i get her back in the game and wanting to help me revise this damned book???

I’ll take any suggestions at all!

So far she hasn’t listened to chocolate or cheesecake.

later, Jody (who is in serious need of a mocha!)


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