I did it!

No, i didn’t sell, or win the lottery like my husband says we will every week. I sent in my first chapter to my new critique partner. Who I’ve never met, and found through an ad on Eharlequin.com.

I was quite nervous, since no one but family had read any of my work for several years, and i was scared to see just how bad my writing is. She sent back a nice critique, with suggestions for trouble spots and praise for the aspects she liked. I was just tickled that she found something that she liked. Although i need to work on my focus, pacing and not jumping into my heroines head where it doesn’t fit.

I was aggravated at first, but once i walked away then came back and read her email again with a new perspective I can see where my book has issues that need to be dissected and re-written. But it has promise, and according to her a very strongly written smart-ass heroine!  Cool!  Just as I’d planned. It’s good when something works out that way huh!

So now i have some things to work on, and i will to improve my craft and get closer to actual publication. And i will try to handle criticism better, i’m not so good at it now. Just ask  my hubby when he critiques dinner. Not good!

Happy writing everyone, and thanks Lori. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!



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