“Take a chance on me!”

Okay so maybe I’ve been watching MAMA MIA way too much lately, but that song has been stuck in my mind  and it got me to thinking. (about peirce brosnan!) sorry.

We all have to take our chances in life don’t we. Everything we do is a chance to fail or succeed, to fall or to fly. I’ve been married 14 years as of yesterday, and that was certainly taking a chance when we got married. There’s always a chance it wont work out, but we did and are very happy. Or mostly he puts up with my quirks and i put with his, lol such is life.

We take a chance with every book we write that it will be total crap, and some will be of course. My soap opera that i wrote in middle school certainly was, but then any soap called “As the stomach churns” is bounds to have problems.  I’ve just finished the first draft of a book I’m aiming at harlequin, and in need of revisions and another critical eye to catch what i can’t. last month i put out a call for a critique partner on E-Harlequin and got two. Now its just getting the nerve to take a chance and send that first chapter and get some feedback. there’s a chance they’ll love and chance they’ll hate. And a chance I’ll chicken out and not send it.

I’ve read the first chapter of my CP’s work and its good, very  good. Which makes me more nervous, hoping she doesn’t think i’m an amatuer writer. (Okay so I technically am, since I’m not pubbed yet). But then again i wouldn’t want someone who’d never read a romance to read it and tear it to shreds because it wasn’t what she  or he read. I think as writers were a little more neurotic than normal people, i think its because we hear voices alot. And we talk back, alot!

Okay so i went ahead and sent it, now the waiting begins. But that’s another post! Waiting is torture!!!

Happy writing!



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