“So you want to write a book? Now what?”

You have an idea that’s eating away at your brain right? You’re hearing voices in your head begging you to write their stories right? So where do you go from here??

Well, allot of writers and wannabe writers are at this very point right now. They have ideas buzzing around their heads like a swarm of angry bees, all jockeying for position to be the next idea to make it to the computer screen.

Well, for one you write down your ideas, good bad, brilliant, scary write them all down no matter what. Even if you don’t use that idea,  it could inspire the next “Twilight” , “Harry Potter” or “The time traveler’s wife” so write them down. Even if its just a name or thought on a scrap of paper write it down. I can recall several times having  a  great  snippet of dialogue or thought about a carachter that would have been wonderful as a book, but didn’t have anything to write with, and later it slipped away from me.  Not fun at all.

So to anyone out there wanting to write, first and foremost write down your ideas. whether it be in a journal, notebook, or virtual diary it doesnt matter. Pick up pen, and write it down!

you’ll thank me later!


Next, so i have an idea. What next, do i start with plot or carachter?


2 thoughts on ““So you want to write a book? Now what?”

  1. xxhawkeyexx says:

    I think you should start plotting the plot :P!
    Then, think about the characters and how they’ll inflict in the story’s outcome.
    You should get your story to take an unexpected turn, to get the readers’ attention. I know that starting is the hardest part, but, once you begin, you won’t stop. Well…you might, but you’ll have the whole idea in your head.
    Take care, good luck,

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