My first Signing…

I set up my first signing last week, its a small signing and I’m pretty excited about it. Of course I’m nervous as hell too. I mean what if no one but my family shows up, what if i don’t sell any books, what if I’m a stuttering fool who gets so incredibly tongue tied that i can’t speak.

I know, relax. Chill and it will all be good. I’ve dreamt of my first ever signing, and how magnificent it would be. people lined up out the front door waiting with baited breath to get my book, my autograph etc. Yeah I know, i day dream a lot. Most writers do.

My signing is at a very charming independent book store in Hurricane, WV.

Books and Brews I’m happy that they let a noobie schedule a signing, i just hope some of their regulars like romance, because that’s what I’m bringing.

I hope to see some friendly faces there, and at least sell a couple books!

Until then, Happy reading!

Jody ( She who is a bit nervous…)imagesCA0MA9E4


If the Shoe fits

My first book is out, sorry I’ve neglected my blog for a bit. I’ve been having technical issues.  i think i have them solved, I hope.

So here it is!  If the shoe fits is a contemporary spin on Cinderella, but the glass slippers are 3500 Louboutins. Here’s the book blurb….

Isabella Daniels is on a mission, that starts by borrowing her stepsisters invitation to a museum fundraiser along with a killer pair of shoes. If she can convince the board members to use her bakery to cater all their desert needs, then maybe the bank will approve the loan she desperately need to enlarge and upgrade her shop. After being shot down for being too young she heads to the bar, and meets him.

Nicholas Powers is poised at the bar of another boring fundraiser, looking for someone interesting to spend the night with. He gazes upon a sea of fake breasts and women, getting frustrated at the lack of real women interested in more than his bottom line.  Just when he’s about to down his double of scotch and leave for the evening he sees a beauty, in a classic little black dress and killer shoes. Target acquired.

Nicholas can’t get enough of the caring beauty from the limo; but when another woman comes along that promises to help his struggling career, fill his bank accounts and introduce him to all her influential friends he has to rethink what’s more important.  His career, or Isabella?

Isabella is over the moon for Nicholas, her mind and body both want him to be hers. Then a curve ball is thrown her way when her stepsister lays claim to Nicholas, and Abby rarely ever loses a man.  Now she has to decide what is more important to her, her dysfunctional family or her future with the man she craves…..


The talented Cassy Roop from Pink Ink Design did my fantastic cover. I love it so much, so yes I cried when I saw it.  The response so far has been good, average four star reviews and i couldn’t be happier.. I’m currently writing the sequel, and hope to have teasers of it out soon.  I hope you’ll check it out..

Happy reading,


Check it out on amazon, on my author page.


Stop the ride, I wanna throw up!

Okay, since my last post I’ve written my newest book. Completed it in Nano, and won. A first for me and to say that I was proud of myself is an understatement. I was fucking tickled! (Excuse the language.)

So Ella and Nick’s story is done, except for a final sweep to make it all shiny and wonderful. Now i just have a few things to take care of before i share it with the world.

  • Contact cover designer and have cover created
  • obtain ISBN for eBook and paperback
  • copyright said book
  • format book for amazon
  • upload book to amazon to obtain pre-order links, or not, still debating on that one..
  • drink bottle of wine
  • schedule several blog posts, hops to get the word out
  • prepare coming soon teaser for my page
  • share my page and get more fans to my page
  • oh yeah back cover blurb needs written
  • select teaser quotes for my page and blog
  • breathe
  • update amazon author page
  • set up email list
  • update and hit publish
  • drink some more
  • scream like a mad woman when my book goes live on release date
  • celebrate with good food…and oh yeah wine.
  • pass out, and pray that the reviews are good and that no one hates it.
  • drink some more.

After that its back to a less hectic schedule, and plotting the next book in my fairy tale series… I’m thinking big bad wolf…..a sexy wolfe!

So now back to the ride, and maybe a lot of tums! I’m getting dizzy but I’m loving it!





Lets do this!

Tomorrow is July 1st, and a big day for a lot of us.


Yes its the opening day of Magic Mike XXL…… woohoo (Waving singles over my head!)

Okay so that’s not the reason for this post, but its a good way to open right? Yes i eager to see incredibly handsome men strip for my pleasures, what red-blooded girl wouldn’t be??

But im talking about CampNanowrimo, which starts at midnight to nite and last through the end of the month. a mad dash that writers spend hooked to their laptops and write like the wind, and hope the breeze blows in their favor. Writers who join Camp attempt to write 50,000 words in thirty days, which breaks down to a little over 1600 words a day.

The last time I attempted this I was working and had a hard time writing when i got off work, or on my days off when i just wanted to sleep and spend time with my son. This time I’m taking time off, and writing like crazy. In between sleep, food, and playing the new Mortal Kombat on the Xbox One with said goofy boy. I have high hopes of finishing a rough first draft of the novella I’m working on. Actually i could go see Magic Mike XXL and do this, well purely for research right! lol

I’ve been doing research on my characters, and these are my inspiration thus far.



So we have the uber Yummy Karl Urban as my hero…nice! and the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert as my heroine. i think they make a good couple….

Secondary characters I’m still working on…. except for this character who doesn’t speak but is heard loud and clear..

christianlouboutin-indera3karen’t they dreamy…i could never afford them, or for that matter walk in them without breaking an ankle, but a girl can dream right! Yes they are Louboutin, and they are about 3500.00  if you’re going to dream, dream big right!

okay so these are my players and tonight the story begins!

Lets do this shit!

Jody..aka the klutz Louboutin would hate to see coming, lol

Going indie !?

No im not talking about Indy…You know Dr. Jones…

indyballAlthough there are days that damnball is back there, just waiting for me to make the wrong move…..
Ive been living a hectic life the last year, going through a divorce and trying to keep my life and my son’s life on an even keel. My writing has been abandoned for most of that year, but now im back and i feel pretty well settled….although life has still been throwing hellacious curve balls my way of late, and im getting pretty tired of that.
Karma, mother nature, whatever you want to call her, she can rest her fucking pitching arm for a while. Id like plain old normal life, without ducking fast balls for a while….Please!

Since im trying to get back into the swing of things here ive been contemplating doing nano, to get my ass productive again. Its worked for me before and im hoping to repeat that success.
Also i have a good friend who pulled her books from a major publishing house and is now self pubbing her books iwth great success. the publisher changed royalty payouts, killing a major chunk of her income, i would have done the same thing.
So im asking your input, do you read indie book?
whose your favorite author writing indie

givie it to me, whats your thoughts on the idie publishing craze today compared to ten years ago? i know my opinion has greatly changed since then.
Okay back to householdchores and daydreaming!
Love and kisses!

And Boom Goes The Dynamite!!

Like most writers I’m often asked where do my ideas come from? Well its not a simple answer for me, because inspiration can come from anywhere. And I do mean anywhere!

For me ideas can come from anywhere at anytime, whether convenient or not! And when these ideas come at you it can drive you bonkers, especially if you don’t write them down soon. Because like a lot of ideas I’ve had before, if not captured soon they tend to gnaw off their own legs and get the shit out of dodge!

I’ve gotten ideas from songs before, and are still a great source of inspiration.
I once had an art teacher that gave us an assignment, it was to turn on the radio at home and draw whatever that song inspired. A very cool assignment by the way, thanks Mr. Seplocha! My song was a done me wrong song. So my picture had two dead bodies lying across a bed, with a woman in the forefront holding a smoking gun! Loved it!

Don’t like the way a book ended, write how you’d end it. (of course I don’t men for you to plagiarize someone else’s work either,) write your own story and see how you’d end it.

There are a lot of stories on the news that can spark ideas, also on reality shows and entertainment news that will inspire you as well. Even soap operas can inspire you, in high school I wrote my own soap opera called “As the stomach churns” it wasn’t great but it sure was fun to write.

A picture really can be worth a thousand words, and more. Think of an iconic picture that you saw that made you wonder about what lead up to that moment and what happened after that moment. There’s a story behind every picture, look at some of your pictures and think about what lead up to that moment, what if you’d done something different? Write from that point on!

Turnabout is fair play, take a movie you like and write something about it but from a different point of view! Write from the villains POV, or change the plot completely or the major players? For instance what about instead of the three musketeers, and then becoming four with the arrival of D’artangan. Why not a fifth musketeer, why not a female musketeer? What would be her societal dos and dont’s in that time period?

Ideas can come from anywhere at all so be prepared when they do!
Keep pen and paper handy to jot down ideas.
Cut out pictures that look intriguing.
Listen to all different types of music, and see what they inspire.
It’s the digital age of course there are many apps that let you jot down notes, capture images, websites and any information or inspiration. Like Evernote..a personal favorite of mine.

That’s all for now!
Next, the little sparks that turned into the biggest books.
Until then..happy writing
P.S. still no word on the partial I have out, it’s been a month so hopefully it won’t be much longer. Fingers crossed!

The voices told me to!

Okay, so why do we do it? Why sit for days, months and sometimes years on end to pour our hearts out onto paper for everyone to read?

Why do I write?
Because kidnapping people and forcing them to act out make believe carachters in my world is illegal…right?

They’re are several reasons people decide to try their hand at becoming a published author.
To see their name in print..
To hear family and friends constantly ask finished that little book yet? Or why don’t you write a vampire book like that one girl an make tons of cash like her?
Because you yearn to tell stories..
You love making up your own worlds and people you can control like a little child with a box full of barbies?

Me, I have to write or the ideas bouncing around in my head drive me nuts. Ideas are always popping in my head, at all hours if the day no matter what I’m doing. Needless to say I have many notebooks full of ideas, names, partial stories etc. plus several files on my laptop, phone and iPad that are full of ideas. And it would be a shame to waste them, right?

From junior high and the stories I’d try to write, and books that totally needed better endings. Then to high school when I wrote my own soap opera “As the Stomach Churns” compete with a multiple personality star who was a nun by day. Hooker by night!
Then after high school I turned to writing harlequins, and that’s what I’m aming for to this day.
I still haven’t heard from my submission, but it’s only been a couple weeks so far. Patience, I must learn! Until I hear I’m going to start a novella and see where it goes. If it doesn’t work then on to the next one, and the next one…until one day Boom goes the dynamite and I write a winner!

So far with no luck yet, but I’ll get there. And by the time I get here I’m sure you will be damned tired of hearing from me.
Maybe not?
Until then…Happy writing!