Excerpt from “Wolfe”



Excerpt from “Wolfe” coming February 2019.
Book three in the Fairy-tale series.
Copyright Jody Lynn Daniels.


She pulled her hands free and unzipped my pants, and wiggled them down my hips as she looked at the erection bulging in my underwear. I sat up and grabbed my pants pushing them down and off my legs, and grabbed her and kissed her hard as she stroked my erection through my underwear. She toyed with the head of my cock through the material, as she kissed me over and over. I pushed her up to look at me and grunted.

“Take them off or I’m ripping them off..please.” She smiled and pushed the material down my hips, getting a moan of satisfaction from her and I both. 


Coming Soon…..


Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, whether you went out to celebrate with friends, or stayed home and vegged out on the couch with pizza like I did!

Did anyone make any real resolutions they think they can stick with this year? I have resolved to make Jason Momoa fall madly in love with me, but since he’s married and madly in love with his wife I don’t think that will be happening. lol

My main resolution this year is to be more productive, get more words written, get book 3 and book 4 out this year. and decide which idea rattling around in my head is the loudest and will be my next series or standalone. (And there’s a lot in there screaming right now!)

I’ve been working like crazy to get Maggie’s story finished and I’m almost there, she’ll be going to beta readers soon, the out to my arc team shortly after all changes are made. Speaking of my Arc team, it is open right now to new readers. Arc readers would read the completed version of my book, and review the books before my release date. Books with 25 or more reviews get higher visibility, which is so awesome for newer authors like myself. If anyone is interested in becoming a member click here and submit your entry. I will email those chosen to participate as soon as I decide.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Day and gets 2019 started off on the right track, and as always….

Happy Reading!




Happy holidays yall !!

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again, just a little time before Christmas and everyone’s life is crazy busy. I can relate, in between Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping presents, and making sure i haven’t forgotten anyone i’m trying to wrap up  book number three. I’m aiming for a February release, fingers crossed. Book three is Maggie’s book, you met her in book two (Logan’s sister). She and her adorable spit-fire of a little girl, plus a man who comes back into her life and upsets her calm life.

My family loves Christmas, we exchange presents every Christmas Eve, with plenty of munchies, finger foods and of course candy and cookies galore. Then Christmas day is our family dinner, From my Mother’s pumpkin pie,  Cranberry tart cake, and potato salad, my sister’s Cranberry/pomegranate relish, turkey, and yummy desserts, my brother’s killer mashed potatoes. Plus my corn casserole, new England yam bake, and whatever flavor of cheesecake i feel like making this year we certainly have enough food.

We like to eat, obviously and we love being together.  Do you and your family have any traditions that you have to do, or foods you have to have for it to be a real Christmas for you? Let me know, i love hearing about everyone’s holidays.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and i hope you get many, many books to read! If you get any good ones let me know.

(I’m always looking for more books to add to my TBR list.)

As Always,

Happy Reading.


I’m Back !

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but it’s been a rough year. But I’m over the hurdle, and almost have book two ready to go.


It’s with Beta readers right now, and so far the response has been great. As soon as I get the edits done, have it formatted and have my cover done I’ll post the release date. I will be having the amazing Cassy Roop design my cover again, she does such a great job and I can’t wait to see what she does.  I have to organize a release party and blog hop, those are always fun. And soon I will have a readers group up as well, for anyone interested I will post the link here as soon as it’s ready. I think it will be fun to talk to the readers, see what they like and don’t like. Plus there will be giveaways, and fun takeovers from other wonderful authors and more.

I have a signing on November 4th, with Rebels and Readers in Huntington West Virginia. Just a hop from my neighborhood, its looks to be a fun event with a lot of talented authors and vendors. So if you’re looking to find new and established authors to add to your TBR list, come see me and say hi!

More to come….



My first Signing…

I set up my first signing last week, its a small signing and I’m pretty excited about it. Of course I’m nervous as hell too. I mean what if no one but my family shows up, what if i don’t sell any books, what if I’m a stuttering fool who gets so incredibly tongue tied that i can’t speak.

I know, relax. Chill and it will all be good. I’ve dreamt of my first ever signing, and how magnificent it would be. people lined up out the front door waiting with baited breath to get my book, my autograph etc. Yeah I know, i day dream a lot. Most writers do.

My signing is at a very charming independent book store in Hurricane, WV.

Books and Brews I’m happy that they let a noobie schedule a signing, i just hope some of their regulars like romance, because that’s what I’m bringing.

I hope to see some friendly faces there, and at least sell a couple books!

Until then, Happy reading!

Jody ( She who is a bit nervous…)imagesCA0MA9E4


If the Shoe fits

My first book is out, sorry I’ve neglected my blog for a bit. I’ve been having technical issues.  i think i have them solved, I hope.

So here it is!  If the shoe fits is a contemporary spin on Cinderella, but the glass slippers are 3500 Louboutins. Here’s the book blurb….

Isabella Daniels is on a mission, that starts by borrowing her stepsisters invitation to a museum fundraiser along with a killer pair of shoes. If she can convince the board members to use her bakery to cater all their desert needs, then maybe the bank will approve the loan she desperately need to enlarge and upgrade her shop. After being shot down for being too young she heads to the bar, and meets him.

Nicholas Powers is poised at the bar of another boring fundraiser, looking for someone interesting to spend the night with. He gazes upon a sea of fake breasts and women, getting frustrated at the lack of real women interested in more than his bottom line.  Just when he’s about to down his double of scotch and leave for the evening he sees a beauty, in a classic little black dress and killer shoes. Target acquired.

Nicholas can’t get enough of the caring beauty from the limo; but when another woman comes along that promises to help his struggling career, fill his bank accounts and introduce him to all her influential friends he has to rethink what’s more important.  His career, or Isabella?

Isabella is over the moon for Nicholas, her mind and body both want him to be hers. Then a curve ball is thrown her way when her stepsister lays claim to Nicholas, and Abby rarely ever loses a man.  Now she has to decide what is more important to her, her dysfunctional family or her future with the man she craves…..


The talented Cassy Roop from Pink Ink Design did my fantastic cover. I love it so much, so yes I cried when I saw it.  The response so far has been good, average four star reviews and i couldn’t be happier.. I’m currently writing the sequel, and hope to have teasers of it out soon.  I hope you’ll check it out..

Happy reading,


Check it out on amazon, on my author page.   amazon.com/author/jodylynndaniels